Shanghaied shops & ABS / Scout detection

Some shop owners leave their shops unattended, be it due to bad configuration or missing updates. It’s the “Key in the ignition – engine running” scenario. The problem: those oversights are easy to spot and hack, all one needs to do is write a script.

An  unlocked shop is a great temptation for criminals. That's why the last thing most shop owners do in the…
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IoT is eating the internet

Is it time for internet of thing (IoT) devices to get a ‘Good Housekeeping’ seal of approval?

Hijacked IoT devices succeeded in shutting down part of the internet, just weeks after this type of event was predicted…
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It’s Cybersecurity Month in Europe!

This month is Cybersecurity Month in Europe – which means that there is no better time to talk about the internet and what you can do to stay secure while enjoying everything it has to offer than now.

I’m sure you probably are aware of the basics: Have an up-to-date antivirus on your PC at all times. Right,…
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