Locky in the Cloud with Ransomware

The new Locky ransomware is on a roll, with cybercriminals quickly adapting malware to exploit user vulnerabilities. But they still haven’t outsmarted the Avira Protection Cloud.

A new ransomware called Locky is making the rounds, encrypting its victims’ files and demanding several hundred Euros to unscramble…
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Avira’s Top Ten Internet Safety Tips

Security on a computer can be summarized as a two-way street: First, keeping the bad things from coming in and harming the device (like ransomware or viruses). Second, keeping news about your private life – with data, activities, and financial information – from leaving your device and falling into the wrong hands.

Here are 10 tips from Avira how to do this: Get an Antivirus program – and fully activate it. A…
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