Locky in the Cloud with Ransomware

The new Locky ransomware is on a roll, with cybercriminals quickly adapting malware to exploit user vulnerabilities. But they still haven’t outsmarted the Avira Protection Cloud.

A new ransomware called Locky is making the rounds, encrypting its victims’ files and demanding several hundred Euros to unscramble…
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Avira’s Top Ten Internet Safety Tips

Security on a computer can be summarized as a two-way street: First, keeping the bad things from coming in and harming the device (like ransomware or viruses). Second, keeping news about your private life – with data, activities, and financial information – from leaving your device and falling into the wrong hands.

Here are 10 tips from Avira how to do this: Get an Antivirus program – and fully activate it. A…
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Dissecting MKero, the premium SMS service subscriber trojan found on Google Play

Since Android already became the most used operating system among devices worldwide, it indirectly caught the attention of malware creators as well – around 97% of malicious mobile software is now targeting Android.

In this malware-everywhere context, the best way to stay safe is to install software only from trusted locations, like Google…
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