Fallacy of breaking antivirus software

Today a story went a bit viral in social media that contains a dangerous recommendation – users are advised to not protect their devices.

The author's argument is built on the flawed ‘attack surface' logic that if you install antivirus the bad guys will be…
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Chill’n’grill at Avira Summer Party

Last week we threw an amazing party for a few hundred employees and their families. The event took place on July 18th at the company’s headquarters in Tettnang, Germany. Various indoor and outdoor activities were added to the party “menu” in order to entertain our guests.

Avira Summer Party 2014
The evening’s highlights With the theme of this year’s party being Chill'n Grill, decorations transformed our HQ into a Wild…
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Avira wins Virus Bulletin best AV detection award

Avira AntiVir Personal and Avira AntiVir Professional have passed the most recent Virus Bulletin test and won yet another VB100 Award for perfect detection of viruses in the wild.

This represents a streak for Avira wins for best AV detection rates and superior product quality. This latest Virus Bulletin VB100 testing took…
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Hacking can be more than just an annoyance

If you’ve ever had your computer or an online account hacked, then you know that it can be a massive inconvenience. Losing data and having to repair the damage that’s been done isn’t any fun, but these days, hackers aren’t content to just cause headaches when it comes to your data or identity.

Since more and more devices are using technology and the Internet, some hackers are looking to impact people’s lives in…
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Mobile threat landscape — is Android really safe?

As smartphones become the dominant means of computing in the world, the number of users will grow to about 3 billion by 2017. It’s a tempting target for bad guys. The diversity of threats our customers are being confronted with on their smartphones needs to be counteracted by sophisticated solutions that go beyond the classical definition of antivirus software.

Emerging mobile threat landscape We are already seeing the effect. For example, the number of mobile viruses tripled over the…
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Corporate Social Responsibility at Avira Romania

In the past, the Avira teambuilding tradition has brought members together in various, funny and unique activities, from the peaks of the Carpathian Mountains to the blue waters of the Black Sea.

This year we tried a new approach for Avira Romania Team-Building by doing local charity work. We wanted to create…
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Couchdoop and other tales of Big Data at Avira

There are two basic Big Data challenges at Avira. As an internet security company operating at global scale, our analytics platform needs to generate both fast and deep insights.

Big Data
Thinking Fast and Deep Processing the historical data in the company to glean deep learnings for topics ranging from customer behaviour to threat…
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