Infomatrix 2015: they’ve got skills!

Avira had the honor of sponsoring the 2015 edition of Infomatrix: an international competition for high-school students who are passionate about programming and building robots.

InfoMatrix 2015
InfoMatrix took place in Bucharest, Romania and it was organized by Lumina Educational Institutions, the Ministry of National Education and ISMB…
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Typosquatting tries to make a victim of everyone

Since people first began to hear about viruses and other types of malware going beyond infected email attachments to spread also via infected websites, a common misconception has prevailed: that only ‘illegitimate’ websites – such as porn or gambling sites – can be infected.

closeup of internet address in web browser
Reality sets the stage The reality is that ‘legitimate’ sites – such as those provided by hotels, airlines, schools, or…
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Scamware or why you shouldn’t believe in miracles

Humankind has believed in miracles all during history. It is interesting to see that in the past they seemed to happen quite often and nowadays they are harder to find, even if the world is more connected than ever. Along with them there have always been ‘miracle’ products. We have seen them many times in our lives. On TV, in the newspaper, or just around the next street corner:

1) This cream will make you look 20 years younger!
2) This perfume will put women at your feet!
3) You want to lose weight? Just follow this diet and after a mere week you will look like Brad Pitt!

We normally make fun of this, or just totally ignore it. We know that it probably is a scam. So,…
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Hacking tools to become weapons of war

US Government proposes to classify cybersecurity or hacking tools as weapons of war and introduce a license requirement for the export, reexport, or transfer of these cybersecurity items to all destinations, except Canada.

Hackers can start wars. That's a fact. It's also one of the fears people have learned to live with. As…
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Millions of Android Phones Fail to Purge Data

You have an old Android device and want to sell it? You might want to hold off a bit: Cambridge University researchers found out that an estimated 500 million Android phones are not properly wiped when you use the built in reset option.

That basically means that your login data, mails, contacts, SMS, images, and videos can be retrieved at least partially. Not…
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