Our new System Speedup makes your life so much easier!

The management and optimization of your Windows PC is not an easy job, unless you are a tech savvy who masters the console and writes mini programs in order to solve daily problems. Let’s face it though; the new technology’s whole purpose is to make our lives easier, not to teach us all how to write code.

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That’s why we have System Speedup 2.0 on board, the utility software suite for Microsoft Windows designed to enable the…
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The Community Self-Help Model: Meet Avira Answers Experts

There are many people trying to give you a hand when needing help with our products, ever wondered how that works? Today we decided to bring to light two of the experts contributing with their technical expertise in helping users who are requesting our support on the Avira Answers platform.

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  Michael Glasspol and Sidney Martins are two of our most active Experts so we asked them to tell us more about what…
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Teaching Mobile Security to Teenagers

Avira Product Manager goes back to school to teach high school kids about mobile security and Internet of things.

Following an invitation from the International School of Bucharest, Avira's Mobile Security expert Andrei Petrus talked to their students about the…
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Conficker is kind of back

You thought you’ve heard the last of the Conficker malware back in 2009? Well – think again.

Remember Conficker? The malware, also known as Downup, Downadup or Kido, was big in 2008/2009 and infected millions of computers…
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