ReverbNation breach points to an old yet newly ‘known unknown’

Having worked in the IT security industry for even a few years is enough to make one cynical at times, skeptical usually, and shocked rarely. But one thing did surprise me this morning when I opened my Gmail inbox: an “Important Security Notice About Your Password” from online music and band-hosting platform ReverbNation.

What surprised me wasn’t the breach itself, but a date in the first paragraph explaining what had happened: “ReverbNation was…
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Why Apple security myths pervade

Last week I received an email from our IT Crowd reminding me (and others) to please update our iPhones to the new iOS version 8.4.1 immediately, for security reasons. Apparently, a zero-day sandbox violation from earlier in the year was finally being fixed by Apple with this update – yet Apple’s notification said only “improvements and fixes to Apple Music.”

No mention of a security patch I was surprised, because the short description notification I'd received from the iPhone itself…
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KeyRaider Steals More Than 225.000 Apple Accounts

If you own an iPhone and it’s jailbroken you might want to be extra careful when it comes to where you download your apps or the KeyRaider malware might get you. Or your credentials for that matter.

According to the Palo Alto Networks more than 225.000 Apple accounts have already been stolen by KeyRaider, a malware that…
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The Struggle For the Right Browser Name

Remember the little contest we started some time ago concerning our new browser name? While we are not ready to announce the winners yet (we take the search for the right browser name very serious. Finding and going through the different candidates takes a lot of time, as does the involved research), I’m sure you are more than happy to get a sneak peak, right?

First off let me tell you guys: you are awesome. We received a lot of mails with ideas for a…
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Passwords and Digital Amnesia

Let’s start this blog entry on a philosophical note: If you had an accident and lost all your memories would you still be the same person? Also would you be the same person if you liked different kinds of music, made other decisions in life or had different friends?

Hand cheating
How important are your passwords? Since the dawn of the computer age we've been using computers as extensions of ourselves,…
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