The dangerous side of USB convenience

USB devices are everywhere, and they come in the form of flash drives, webcams, keyboards, and so on. One of the attractive things about USB is that you just plug in a device and it works. That convenience is nice to have, but it also presents a real danger.

How many USB devices do you own? At this moment, you probably have one or more of them connected to…
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Airplane WiFi – Secure surfing or danger for onboard electronics?

Finally, a chance to put your flying skills to the test thanks to onboard Wi-Fi. But won’t the smart hacker in row 27 also be able to take control of the flight stick? The simple answer is “no”. That said, while airplane electronics are secure this may not necessarily be the case for your notebook or tablet.

The "fasten your seatbelts" signs turn off and you can finally recline, fold down the tray table, and switch on…
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Browser Extensions that nobody wants… but a lot of people have!

Everybody uses browser extensions. We use them because, sometimes, they make our life easier on the Internet. For example, for translating, shopping or searching. In the last couple weeks, we monitored rampant spreading of browser extensions with new machinery for harming the user – via the publishing of unwanted advertisements.

The marketplace for browser extensions is quite big. With Firefox alone, there have been more than four billion add-ons downloaded. But…
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Kyle & Stan Malvertising Hits Amazon, YouTube

Cisco researchers discovered today an exploit on, and more than 700 other websites that infects visitors via the standard advertising running on these sites. The exploit, which has been dubbed “Kyle and Stan,” is especially effective because it infects both PC and Mac users.

The "Kyle and Stan" method is an example of a particular type of exploit known as ‘malvertising’, because it inserts malware into…
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Read before clicking: Potential app permission risks

Before the user is able to enjoy an app, Android goes wild asking for permissions. “Either or” is the motto: If you don’t agree to every single permission request, you can’t use the app. For some apps, this can really spell trouble.

Who is allowed to do what – when it comes to the world of apps, this isn't a straightforward question to…
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What can actually happen #IfMyPhoneGotHacked

We had so much fun with one of the most trending topics on Twitter yesterday that we felt the need to give the “good cop” version of events. Here are some really awkward situations you might get yourself into if you don’t have an antivirus on your smartphone.

Everybody will know what you did last summer The danger of getting your data stolen might seem rather abstract to…
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Online dating is the latest trend – But is it also safe and secure?

Online dating is big business: 8 million users and over 200 million euros in revenue in Germany alone show that the trend of finding true love online is clearly on the rise. We’ve put together a few tips so you can find the right person safely.

The Internet is new territory, apparently. To government officials perhaps, but not when it comes to finding a partner. According…
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Eliminating file sharing security threats with subscription services

Do you remember the early days of Napster? Whether you’d admit it or not, you probably at least experimented with using the software to download music, and if not, then you knew someone who did. Napster opened people’s eyes in new ways to how the Internet could be used to easily get immediate access to content.

Quite frankly, it became an addiction. Active users accumulated thousands of songs, and before too long, this file sharing madness…
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