Google Study: How Secure are Secret Questions?

I’m sure you’ve encountered them more often than you can count, questions like “What’s your favorite food?”, “What’s your Father’s middle name?”, and “What’s your City of Birth?”.

google questions
Right, I’m talking about the 'secret questions' that have long been used as a backup mechanism to reclaim accounts (for…
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#SECURITHON: Avira’s first hackathon

Register now for Securithon, a programming marathon organized by Avira for developers who want to join the battle against Potentially Unwanted Applications.

Securithon Hackathon
At Avira, we believe there is at least one thing multiplying faster than digital threats and that is…good ideas. Considering every…
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ErsatzPassword Gives Fake Passwords to Hackers

A team of researchers has developed a system which presents a “simple, yet effective and practical, scheme to improve the security of stored passwords”.

The system, called ErsatzPasswords (German for: Replacement Password ), should make it much harder for hackers to crack passwords. That…
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Hacker Hacked Into the Airplane Engine Controls 20 Times

Everyone wants flight security taken seriously – so what do we make of a cybersecurity guy who actually hacks into a flight system and successfully causes the airplane engines to climb? All in the name of security of course!

Remember Chris Roberts? He was the hacker who wasn’t allowed to board his plane last month, when he talked on…
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Mass-Scale Abuse of Routers Due to Lax Security

Tens of thousands of SOHO (Small Office and Home Office) routers apparently are hacker controlled. The hijacked routers are integrated in a botnet and used to attack websites via DDoS.

Router security
The reason why botnets like that can even exist? According to a study by Incapsula it’s simple negligence – by…
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