The phishy side of text messaging

Traditionally, phishing scams are known to take place through email, but thinking that they only take place in that environment would be foolish.

Text messaging
Email is still a massive form of electronic communication, but the trend towards text messages and text messaging apps can’t…
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Is there such a thing as too much privacy ?

Just knowing that the surveillance might be happening is enough to make people uneasy. In an effort to make their users more comfortable, many tech companies have tried to be transparent and reassure them that their activity is private.

In a rather bold move, Apple has published a Privacy page that talks more about the security measures in iOS…
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Linguistic Consistency In Translations @Avira

As Avira expands to the international market, our challenges also grow. The most common one is the necessity to translate the content into the various markets that the company wants to address. Within translation lies linguistic consistency, one of the least known challenges an international company could encounter.

Linguistic Consistency
Translation processes do not start with the content transfer from one language to another. They start with the process of…
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Avira Antivirus Pro: is it really the best?

Avira Antivirus Pro recently received the Best Usability 2014 Award from AV-TEST.  While for some of you this might already be a good enough reason to give our product a try, others might really want to dig into it and find out what’s behind our award winning technology.

Avira Antivirus
Advanced Real Time Protection It seems redundant to even mention it because a good protection is what everybody would expect from…
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Are you making it easy for hackers to hack you?

When hackers steal your private data, it’s unexpected and painful, but there may be times when you’re actually making it easier for the hackers to access your information, without even realizing it. How so?

Simply put, it all comes down to social media. Many of us feel free to communicate openly on social media…
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Avira Antivirus Pro Wins Best Usability Award

Avira Antivirus Pro receives the “Best Usability 2014 Award” for consumer users from AV-TEST. Check out the outstanding results!

AV-TEST reported that Avira AntiVirus Pro showed the best results in the category of Usability in all six certification tests…
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Couchdoop: Couchbase Meets Apache Hadoop

Our Big Data Engineer, Călin-Andrei Burloiu, contributed to a very interesting guest post on the Cloudera blog about the Couchdoop connector bringing Couchbase data into Hadoop.

Sneak Peak: "Couchdoop is a Couchbase connector for Apache Hadoop, developed by Avira on CDH, that allows for easy, parallel…
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Attack of the QR codes

This is a QR code. Do you notice anything wrong? If not, then read on…

an innocent-looking QR code
Give it a try with your mobile! Don't worry, no barcode on this blog post is malicious Scary attack underway!…
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Making purchases with security in mind

When you’re shopping for a new computer, mobile device, or some other gadget, which factors weigh on your mind while you make the decision about what to buy? For some consumers, there isn’t really a lot to the process. They know exactly what they want and they’re going to buy it without considering any other options.

secure online purchase
For other shoppers, a lot of thought may go into the purchasing process. Price is certainly something to consider, but…
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Is the Maker Movement a security threat?

While creating things with technology has always been accessible to some extent, it’s easier now than ever before. Not only are the tools easier to use, but the learning resources are plentiful, understandable, engaging, and sometimes even free.

maker movement
For a lot of budding technology creators, software programming has been one of the best places to start, but thanks…
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