Avira Scout: Cookie Overkill

Many companies make money spying on you while you surf the internet. Sometimes they even sell the data they collect on you to other companies, without you knowing what got collected or who will get your data. To do so they have normal web pages integrate their tracking cookies – which is by the way the reason why cookies have a bad reputation.

On an average site you will have a surprising large list of trackers that monitor your behavior on the page…
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Free often has its price…

In Virus Lab, we work hand in hand with our support team in order to help them in the daily fight against the „dark side“. We see a lot of infections every day and often ask ourselves how all those user end up with so many unwanted application installed.

This question is what lead me to write this article and I will try to 'enact' the average user… Let the show begin!…
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Avira Runners: Live Free. Run Safe

You know it’s true: Avira keeps your PC safe and healthy. But in order to do so, Avira employees need to be healthy themselves.

That’s one of the many reasons we have quite a few health initiatives here at Avira. You’ve already heard about…
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Avira Secure Browser: Breaking some eggs

Steve Jobs killed Flash on the IPhone. Flash is a way of viewing videos in the internet – and a top 10 way of getting infected with malware. It is old technology. HTML5, CSS and Javascript are replacing it. The internet is changing. But sadly some of the older web pages still use the old technology instead of switching.

no flash
Flash and proprietary codecs I would love to block Flash in our browser (since I believe in security being more…
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Sharing and the fine art of stopping malware

Sharing is a critical life skill, and I’m talking about more than snacks and your favorite toy. It is an essential part of stopping malware. But unlike trading brownies or matchbox cars, sharing malware samples is complicated.

There are an array of technical and business issues that have to be solved: What format do the files need…
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Avira Teams Research Oktoberfest ‘Risks’

To make sure our customers and everyone else visiting it are ‘safe’ at the Oktoberfest 2015, dozens of our employees went there to get samples of the available culinary treats. All for the greater good, of course! ; )

We are now halfway through Oktoberfest and so far the world’s biggest festival has seen around 3 million visitors coming in…
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How to keep your digital home as clean as possible

Your computer is your digital home. And just like a home – it eventually gets dirty and needs cleaning. Not dirty in the usual way, mind you. What I am talking about is digital rubbish – bits and pieces of programs you removed a long time ago but are still haunting your hard drives.

While you could put on your ghostbuster outfit and remove the haunting files manually -  that takes time. And no…
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