Can your next password be found in your browsing history?

Everyone can agree that finding the right password is not easy. Some put a lot of thought into it, others not so much. And there’s always the possibility that you’ll just forget a few of the not so frequently used ones (if you use different and more or less complicated passwords for everything).

Hand cheating
Some companies try to help us out and make the login process into mobile phones and other devices easier –…
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WordPress 4.2.1 Patches Zero-Day exploit

Not even a week after a critical cross-site scripting (XSS) flaw affected version 4.1.2 and an unknown numbers of plugins, the maintainers of Wordpress have rushed out the version 4.2.1 which fixes a zero-day vulnerability.

wordpress logo
This vulnerability is affecting all previous versions and can be leveraged via the comment section of a website running WordPress,…
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Banned From the Internet: The Life of an Ex-Hacker

Hacking is illegal and a crime – everyone knows (or should know) that. It is also not unheard of that if you get caught for a cybercrime, you will get punished. But do you know what the sentence could look like?

Hacking is a crime
Higinio Ochoa, a former hacker who went by the name "wOrmer" when online, talks about it on Reply All. He…
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Surgical Robots and the Remote Surgery Hacking Threat

It could be a scenario out of a SciFi movie: The surgeons are in a room on one end of the earth, operating via a high-tech robot on a human brain with the patient being situated in a completely different city. Suddenly the lights go out. The emergency power kicks in and the emergency lights illuminate the room in a dull red color. Then the robot stops responding. The surgeons are confused and start tapping frantically on keys on their keyboards to get the robot to do its work again but to no avail.

This sounds horrible but it could never happen in real life anyway, right? Wrong! Telesurgery is something that is already…
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Mobile Apps: The Privacy Insanity

Smartphone apps are known for wanting access to a lot of different information from you on your mobile – sometimes even to the point of it being ridiculous. That’s not the worst part though.

Security expert Troy Hunt took a look at three apps (one of them being the Paypal one) and the results…
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Unlock Your Phone With Your Ears & Knuckles, Says Yahoo

It might sound a bit strange – but unlocking your phone with your ears and knuckles instead of your fingertip/pin is actually something Yahoo presented during the 2015 Computer-Human Interaction Conference (CHI) in Seoul. According to a report by IDG News Service, the technology can unlock phones in a fast and secure manner.

The cool thing: It doesn't need the comparatively expensive fingerprint sensors to unlock your device, but can easily be used…
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