Mobile threat landscape — is Android really safe?

As smartphones become the dominant means of computing in the world, the number of users will grow to about 3 billion by 2017. It’s a tempting target for bad guys. The diversity of threats our customers are being confronted with on their smartphones needs to be counteracted by sophisticated solutions that go beyond the classical definition of antivirus software.

Emerging mobile threat landscape We are already seeing the effect. For example, the number of mobile viruses tripled over the…
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Corporate Social Responsibility at Avira Romania

In the past, the Avira teambuilding tradition has brought members together in various, funny and unique activities, from the peaks of the Carpathian Mountains to the blue waters of the Black Sea.

This year we tried a new approach for Avira Romania Team-Building by doing local charity work. We wanted to create…
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Couchdoop and other tales of Big Data at Avira

There are two basic Big Data challenges at Avira. As an internet security company operating at global scale, our analytics platform needs to generate both fast and deep insights.

Big Data
Thinking Fast and Deep Processing the historical data in the company to glean deep learnings for topics ranging from customer behaviour to threat…
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Beware of phishing scams – use Identity Safeguard

Recently, an older relative installed a security program because she thought she had some security vulnerabilities on her system. Sound harmless? It should have been until more information came forth about how this relative came to install the program.

It seems that a man had called her and told her that Microsoft had noticed some security problems on her…
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Safety first when using wearable technology

Have you started to get caught up in all of the hype surrounding wearable technology? Even if you don’t own one of these devices, the consensus view is that they represent the next big wave of technology advancement.

A recent report from IDC found that shipments of wearable devices in the global market are expected to grow to…
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Why AV Pro was Born

Consumer behaviour towards downloading and buying software is changing. We created Avira AV Pro out of our core antivirus and antimalware protection technologies to address these needs.

Announcing the launch of AV Pro On June 24th we announced that our core antivirus product had gotten a new…
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Avira’s top-12 check list for greater internet security

Internet security software is a first and important step to protect yourself from online threats. An up-to-date virus scanner, enabled FireWall and the latest patches and updates ensure that a majority of the threats are ineffective. But software alone cannot provide 100 percent protection.

Your active participation in is necessary. But do not worry, you only need to observe a few basic internet security…
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