Official specifications are not enough

Before a file is analyzed in depth, a few technical questions must be answered. It may sound easy to answer them in theory, but it might be very difficult in practice, because official specifications are not enough.

  Before one can tell if a file is malicious or clean, it's important to determine the file type, and…
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Why blocking advertisements matters

Once upon a time, when online advertisement was not even allowed, you would at least have been mildly laughed at when saying it was going to be a nine figure business.¹ Nowadays the use of web ads and ad blockers has become second nature. Besides visual relaxation, there are other good reasons to keep advertisements off your computer.

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Protect your blog

Attacks against blogs are unstopping: they are typically the low-hanging fruits on the Web. Here are a few tips to help you to protect your blog.

Castles' layouts
Castles have very regular (not to say, boring!) layouts. Why is that? Why don't they have any fancy layout ?…
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Malicious Office macros are not dead

You could think that malicious Office macros are a thing of the past. They are not a major threat anymore, but they still represent a potential risk for unsuspecting users.

German warning: Macros have been disabled - Enable Content
You could think that malicious Office macros are a thing of the past. They are not a major threat anymore,…
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Cyber awareness month – stay safe online

Have you ever clicked on a link that took you to a page you wished you’d never have found? Most likely, it was a place you didn’t even want to be, and you’d give anything to turn back the clock and not click that URL.

Bad URLs can steal your identity, track your every movement, and violate your privacy. Bad URLs have been around for…
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Was your email hacked in recent data breaches?

September was a busy month for breaches. In early September, reports of a massive Gmail password breach came to light across the globe. In all, there were up to 5 million stolen Gmail accounts and passwords and all were published on a Russian forum.

In early September, reports of a massive Gmail password breach came to light across the globe. In all, there were…
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Avira Travel: book the best hotel for your next trip

We are constantly improving our products in order to provide our customers with the best user experience possible. Newest service in our portfolio? Avira Travel – a portal that helps you book the best hotel online.

Planning your next vacation has never been so easy We all know how time- and energy consuming the search for…
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Customer Advocacy: bigger, faster, stronger

We consider that some of our most important brand ambassadors are the Avira experts who come to your rescue every time you need support or have questions regarding our products. It is why we are more than happy to announce the creation of a brand new Customer Advocacy team located in our Bucharest HQ.

What’s in it for our customers? One of our biggest goals regarding customer advocacy has been to form a multilingual…
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How to safely access the Internet while on vacation

Returned refreshed from your holiday only to find your bank account has been emptied? There may be several reasons for that: Either Internet-access costs were sky high or cyber criminals have hit. We have heard some truly horrific stories from users who dropped their guard in terms of IT security while on vacation.

Posting your latest vacation photos to Facebook whenever you want is easy to do now even while abroad, especially as…
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Popular topics are also popular with hackers

On the Internet, security threats can be lurking around every corner, and this fact has trained many people to be alert about online safety at all times. With that said, there are times when it’s important to be even more aware of potential problems. 

Events and topics that are interesting to a large number of people make great malware campaigns for hackers, as they tend…
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