50 Shades of Dridex Botnet Grey

A “white hat” is how we described the hacker who added Avira installers to the Dridex botnet distribution network. Our description might have been a bit off-color.

When it comes to our article about the Dridex botnet distributing Avira installers, we may have been wrong. We may…
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Avira’s Top Ten Internet Safety Tips

Security on a computer can be summarized as a two-way street: First, keeping the bad things from coming in and harming the device (like ransomware or viruses). Second, keeping news about your private life – with data, activities, and financial information – from leaving your device and falling into the wrong hands.

Here are 10 tips from Avira how to do this: Get an Antivirus program – and fully activate it. A…
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Will computer viruses be able to infect humans in the future?

A few years ago a customer phoned urgently to ask if the virus detected on their computer could infect him or his family. It was hard not to smile. For every tech guy this question sounds ridiculous and with a basic understanding of computer viruses it is clear that this fear is without any reason.

But, wait! With the boundaries of technology advancing, this can change dramatically. During the last couple of years within the medial industry,…
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Dridex botnet distributor now serves Avira

A distribution channel of the Dridex botnet may have been hacked. Instead of getting loaded with malware, people are getting clean copies of Avira antivirus and we have two theories as to why. Do you know what a “white hat” is?

Part of the distribution channel of the Dridex botnet may have been hacked, with malicious links replaced by installers for…
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