Hacking tools to become weapons of war

US Government proposes to classify cybersecurity or hacking tools as weapons of war and introduce a license requirement for the export, reexport, or transfer of these cybersecurity items to all destinations, except Canada.

Hackers can start wars. That's a fact. It's also one of the fears people have learned to live with. As…
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Millions of Android Phones Fail to Purge Data

You have an old Android device and want to sell it? You might want to hold off a bit: Cambridge University researchers found out that an estimated 500 million Android phones are not properly wiped when you use the built in reset option.

That basically means that your login data, mails, contacts, SMS, images, and videos can be retrieved at least partially. Not…
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Google Study: How Secure are Secret Questions?

I’m sure you’ve encountered them more often than you can count, questions like “What’s your favorite food?”, “What’s your Father’s middle name?”, and “What’s your City of Birth?”.

google questions
Right, I’m talking about the 'secret questions' that have long been used as a backup mechanism to reclaim accounts (for…
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#SECURITHON: Avira’s first hackathon

Register now for Securithon, a programming marathon organized by Avira for developers who want to join the battle against Potentially Unwanted Applications.

Securithon Hackathon
At Avira, we believe there is at least one thing multiplying faster than digital threats and that is…good ideas. Considering every…
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ErsatzPassword Gives Fake Passwords to Hackers

A team of researchers has developed a system which presents a “simple, yet effective and practical, scheme to improve the security of stored passwords”.

The system, called ErsatzPasswords (German for: Replacement Password ), should make it much harder for hackers to crack passwords. That…
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