How to Prevent Holiday Shopping Hacks

As the holiday times approach, many of us increase our online shopping. Unfortunately, along with the increase in online purchases comes an increase in phishing scams, credit card data breaches and even hacks to physical point-of-sale (POS) terminals.

As the holiday times approach, many of us increase our online shopping. But if the 2014 year taught us anything,…
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3 Tips for Geeks to Save Their Holidays

Here are a few tips for geeks to save their holidays: simple explanations of 3 of the biggest infosec-related threats of the year 2014, to share with their friends & relatives.

Explain simply hearbleed, goto fail and shellshock
If you're a geek, like most people, you'll probably visit your family for Christmas. Like most people, you probably want to…
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The global hacking problem

If you were asked to name the country that you thought is the source of the majority of hacking attempts, which country would you name?

If you just thought about countries that regularly seem to be in the news about hacking, then you might name…
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VMCloak – Create a Virtual Machine the Easy Way

We have been wrong.

In 2012 when we started the iTES project (a project which deals with running vulnerable parts of a computer system in virtual machines; find out more in this blog post) our basic assumption was that until 2014 malware will no longer detect virtual machines because they would be too common …

... and – in this we were correct – they are. You can basically find virtual machines: In companies running…
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Android Malware Steals Credit Card Information

Phishing or stealing of credit card and bank account information is no longer a threat exclusively for personal computers. Almost everybody has already received some phishing e-mails imitating official messages from the Bank. They usually ask users to enter their bank account or credit card information in order to make sure that the account is valid. There is also a lot of malware created to steal financial information from infected devices. Against all expectations, not only desktop systems are affected by these threats.

Android malware
Given my daily work, I recently ran into some interesting Android malware that tries to steal credit card information from users. The malware…
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Is Government Malware unstoppable?

During the last couple of weeks we have received various requests on our standpoint and capabilities regarding the detection of spyware programs developed by governments. It looks like this has become the hot topic of the moment also due to the recently discovered Regin malware.

Security made in Germany
What is Regin? According to Virus Bulletin, we are looking at a multi-staged threat (like Stuxnet) that uses a modular approach (like…
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Avira: Best Antivirus for Windows

According to the latest “Windows Full Product Tests” for security software performed by AV-TEST in September and October 2014, Avira Antivirus gets the maximum score on performance (6/6), usability (6/6) and protection (6/6). What more can you wish for when you want to choose the right solution to secure your digital devices?

AV TEST Certified
AV-TEST certification earned with perfect score Avira earned a perfect 18/18 score, topping all three major categories of testing: To…
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What a great year for Avira Antivirus

It’s been an extraordinary year for our antivirus and the best reward our hard working team could ever get was an impressive collection of great reviews from Industry leading experts and independent lab testers. Here’s a top 3 of the best news we’ve got from them in 2014.

Awards for Avira
  A new VB100 Award from Virus Bulletin Avira AntiVir Personal and Avira AntiVir Professional have successfully obtained a new…
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AT&T Stops Attaching Tracking Files to Mobiles

Last Friday, mobile operator AT&T Mobility announced that it had stopped using hidden codes embedded in data that is transmitted from customers’ smartphones. Score a victory for privacy.

AT&T Tracking FIles
Wait… AT&T was tracking you with hidden codes? The secret codes in tracking files, known as ‘header enrichment,’ consist of…
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How to cure Location Fatigue

When advanced smartphones first started to hit the market, one of the integrated pieces of technology that people were most excited about was GPS. Now you were able to easily get directions, find interesting things around you, and check in to places where you were.

An overwhelming flood of apps that used location data became available, and down to this day, new ones are continuing…
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